Successful takeover of Koenig Automation AG

As of the 8th April 2019, the BACHTEL GROUP has taken over a majority shareholding of the KOENIG Automation AG in Wolfhausen, Switzerland. “Our biggest challenge for the future was to secure our strong position in the market and to make the right succession plan“, says Claudia Koenig, the hitherto President of the Advisory Board at Koenig Automation AG. „With the BACHTEL GROUP we have found the perfect partner to secure a succession plan, and with whom we can very happily continue to develop KOENIG“. The KOENIG Automation AG will continue to be led by its Managing Director, Richard Doney. The current shareholders, Rico and Claudia Koenig, and also René Kunz, will continue in their operational roles at KOENIG Automation AG with responsibility for sales and product development.

„We are very pleased to continue the success story of Koenig Automation AG within the BACHTEL GROUP. With the Koenig Automation AG’s machine-loading and unloading solution the «CompactLoader», and Altratec Automation GmbH’s wide range of materials handling technology, BACHTEL GROUP will become an allrounder, allowing it to operate on a different level in the market, says Clemens Ruckstuhl, Co-Owner of the BACHTEL GROUP. His business partner Andre Mueller is very pleased with the transaction: „Such transactions are normally only found in text books. KOENIG Automation AG and BACHTEL GROUP compliment eachother perfectly. Together with KOENIG, the specialist companies KANYA and MERWAG can develop bespoke and innovative housing and safety-door solutions for the market. Additionally, BACHTEL GROUP will support KOENIG’s service business with locations in Germany and China, as well with a new plant in the United States. All BACHTEL GROUP companies will soon profit from the collaboration with KOENIG Automation AG."

After the takeover of Kanya AG in 2008, the Altratec Automation GmbH in 2013, the participation in the Eco Physics AG in 2016, and the takeover of MERWAG Gibswil AG in 2017; KOENIG Automation AG is now the fifth succession plan takeover to be achieved by Andre Mueller and Clemens Ruckstuhl. 

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